For Programmers: The Best of edw519


A while back on Hacker News, a.k.a Ed Weissman posted his collection of tips and advice for programmers. It was amazing stuff.

His original post didn’t have much in the way of formatting, so using a series of regexes I made a slightly more styled version with links to sections and formatted code which I posted on the Hacker News thread. Mr. Weissman didn’t seem to mind, and made note of some places where I had munged his formatting a little (which I promptly corrected.)

The reason you’re not passionate about your work is because something is missing. Identifying what is missing is your first step in determining where to go from here.

Ed Weissman

I stumbled across that file this morning while cleaning up one of my servers and decided to re-post the link for posterity’s sake here. It is loaded with gems for folks making a living or seeking to make a living as a programmer. I highly suggest reading it.